The Client

The Indian operations of a FT 1000 Automotive Manufacturing US Corporation, a tier-1 supplier to leading global and Indian vehicle makers.

The Need

The Indian operation has been experiencing rapid growth over the last couple of years and the outlook is even better for the next few years. The legacy infrastructure and applications were clearly inadequate to cope with the growth. The global standards and ways of doing things were found oversized for the requirements of the Indian entity. Exploration of alternate solutions initiated was causing delays and anxiety.

The Solution

Enflexis was engaged by the client to undertake this critical upgrade consisting of three databases and over 700 Forms and Reports to Oracle 10g.

Enflexis was engaged by the client to prepare the Indian entity for the change and also to right size the strategy to suit the Indian environment.

Enflexis has actively engaged with the Indian entity and the Head Office managers to right size the strategy, work through the nitty-gritty of the implementation procedures, processes, infrastructure and vendor selection to roll out a world class ERP solution in India.

As program managers for the rollout, Enflexis is deeply engaged with all stakeholders, vendors, implementation partners as well as the local managers to ensure a smooth and rapid implementation of the right-sized strategy.

The Benefits

Enflexis has provided the key skills required to get alignment of requirements and objectives at a global level to enable the corporation to start the implementation of the right sized strategy. Enflexis’ skills in RFP definition, bid evaluation and program management are assisting the client to move forward faster and with greater confidence than ever before.