Contact Management is a fully web enabled name and address application that does much more than what an Address book does.

It allows you to set up Events, Gift Packs, Appointments and Reminders to name a few. A point-and-click interface allows you to quickly add your contacts to Event Invitee and Gift Receipent lists.


eminders can be setup for each contacts, it may be for wishing, an appintment, a deadline to meet or any thing that requires tracking in time. A Calendar shows the current months Reminders immediately on login. The upcoming and overdue Reminders are highlighted for easy identification

Events may be Wedding, Birthdays, Reunions or anything where contacts are to inviteed. A simple point-and-click enables easy filtering of contacts on multiple criteria, e..g by City, by Category,etc. The interface keeps displaying the invited as well as un-invited contacts and you can add or remove contacts from an event’s invite list.

Invitees added to an event’s list can be downloaded incrementally or the full list can be downloaded and are ready for generating mailing Labels. Alternatively, the lists can be used for sending out e-mails.


Gift Packs are setup and Gift Receipient added to the Gift Pack lists. The receipients can be added / removed with a easy point-and-click interface, lists can be downloaded for mailing Labels.

Gifts sent may occassionally not reach the receipient and returned back to the sender. Contact Management just makes it easy to track the returned parcels.

Access Control

The Author/ Editor and Reader roles ensure the data sanctity is maintained. Moreover, Reader is a privilege that is granted, so there is no possibility of authorized access to this key data.

As it is fully web enabled the same Contacts database can be shared and utilized by individuals over LAN , WAN or the Internet.


Below are some of the applications. As is evident, it is only a partial list.

  • Highly networked Businessmen and Professionals
  • Faith groups to communicate with its members
  • Event organizers and managers
  • Not-for-Profit / Charities for their volunteers, donors and well wishers
  • Distance Learning institutes for student and faculty communications.

And many more…