Enflexis is a solution provider with a focus on bringing value to a client’s business in their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)  and Enterprise Internet/Intranet Applications.

Enflexis believes that information solutions must be aligned and targeted towards the business objectives and the end users. It is the ability to understand the business problems and opportunities of client’s business that distinguishes Enflexis and enables it to align the right technologies, processes and investments to derive superior results from information solution investments. Enflexis builds solutions for a client’s business, not just IT solutions.

Globally, mid sized businesses often lack the reach to identify, assess and make offshore services work with small and medium sized offshore companies in India. Enflexis assists in bridging over such inflexion points through its unique solutions. Enflexis provides a single point of contact and accountability through which global clients can reach out to one or more specialized service providers in India to accomplish their objectives. Organizations who are already working with offshore providers in India benefit from Enflexis’ Independent Program Management services, too.