Oracle Standby Databases

Oracle Standby databases, as part of Disaster Recovery Plans, have been the prerogative only of organizations having Oracle RDBMS Enterprise Edition. Not any more.

Now Standby Databases can be created for any edition of Oracle RDBMS; EnterpriseStandardStandardOne and even Oracle XE. Create one or more Standby Databases using the Dbvisit Standby Technology. All this at an affordable cost and unbelievable savings. Oracle Database Replication / Standby, an alternative to Oracle DataGuard, is within everybody’s reach.

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As Authorized Resellers of Dbvist, with installations in India and the Middle East, Enflexis offers the full range of services that enable you to leverage the Dbvisit Standby and Replicate products.

We help you plan for your desired Recovery Point (RPO) and Recovery Time (RTO) Objectives for Oracle RDBMS.

For Enterprise Edition customers we offer the traditional DataGuard and Active DataGuard implementation services. However, we would urge them to take a closer look at Dbvisit for the following reasons

  • Far more easier to implement and manange
  • Fail-over and Switch-over so easy that you do not even need an expert DBA to do it
  • Faster and lighter

Database Replication

With bi-directional replication it is possible to achive master-to-master replication to provide real time information across multiple applications and sites. One-way replication is possible allowing real time reporting across distributed reader farms reducing the performance impact on production databases.

In the Oracle RDBMS space this functionality is available in Golden Gate. Dbvisit Replicate is a great alternative to Golden Gate, and currently supports the following replications:

  • Oracle to Oracle and back
  • Oracle to MySQL
  • Oracle to SQL Server

The five top reasons to use Dbvisit Replicate:

  • Shares, migrates, synchronizes and consolidates data in real-time
  • Improves database resiliency
  • Offloads processing workloads from critical database servers
  • integrates diverse platforms, operating systems and databases
  • Provides powerful conflict detection and resolution process

Disaster Recovery Planning and Implementation

Oracle RDBMS is not the only data asset that needs to be protected against disasters. There are e-mails, file servers and many other data repositories that also need to be included in a Disaster Recovery Plan.

Enflexis can help you choose and implement the right set of products and tools to deploy a proper Disaster Recovery Plan that is sure to work when you need it. Enflexis will leverage your existing infrastructure and software assets and recommend and implement the right solution that meets your RTO and RPO.