Server Consolidation and Virtualization

In the past the number of servers required in an organization was dictated by the choice of operating systems, applications or their combinations. This led to uneven loading of server assets. That is, while the servers running larger applications like ERP or CRP would be overloaded and starving for resources there would be excess capacity available on other servers running smaller and lighter applications.

This would typically result in wastage of server capacities and would also increase the operational costs, consume more floor or rack space and increase utilities consumption.

It is no wonder that Server Consolidation using Server Virtualization technologies has become the preferred way. It offers better capacity utilization and reduction in operating costs leading to significantly reduced Total Cost of Ownership. It also opens up opportunities to rationalize the software asset investments as well as recurring maintenance costs.

Virtualization environments are now available from many vendors, each with its pros and cons, and come in a wide range of price points. Neither is the most expensive one the best choice in a given situation nor is the cheapest one the obvious choice. So how does one choose a virtualization environment that is right sized ?

Enflexis can help you choose and implement the right virtualization environment. Virtualization is not just for large orgnizations with dozens of servers. It can reduce Total Cost of Ownership even in smaller setups with two or three servers. Discover how with solutions from Enflexis.

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Software Asset Rationalization

Review and rationalization of software assets is a key consideration when it comes to calculating the Total Cost of Ownership. It is not just the number of licenses and their maintenance costs but also their editions and versions that can make a difference to the Total Cost of Ownership. And then there are the various procurement plans from the vendors designed to reduce the TCO. Choosing the right strategy is neither easy nor obvious.

At Enflexis we specialize in reviewing existing software assets and working out the most optimal sustainable rationalization of software assets. We do not stop at recommending, but we are ready to go all the way to implement what we recommend and realize the benefits by reduction in cost of ownership.

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