Contact Management Factsheet

In the real world its all about relations. Contact Management is a fully web enabled tool for managing data about your contacts.  Using Contact Management you can keep in touch, setup and manage invitations to Events, ensure timely delivery of Gifts at festival times or for special events and much more.

Online Remittance Portals

Enflexis has out-of-the-box, ready to deploy, interfaces for many Online Remittance Portals.

EnflexisPRA is an out-of-the-box interfacing component for Western Union’s next generation WUPOS/RSW portal. It interacts with WUPOS/RSW terminals to acquire the transaction data in real-time and writes it to any JDBC compliance database. Designed for currently available as well as planned RSW data, it comes with built-in intelligence to infer and derive data not available in RSW feed in raw form.

Similarly, Enflexis has interfaces for PrithiviExpress, Sewa Remit, City Express Money Transfer, Prabhu Money Transfer,etc. to name a few.

Enflexis interfaces are a must for Exchange Houses, Forex agents and Remittance companies for AML regulatory compliance. But it is also a good to have product for capturing online portal transaction data for internal analysis and processing.