Central Banks across the globe are tightening the regulations governing the outward and inward remittances in the country as part of their on-going Anti-Money Laundering drives. “Know Your Customer” (KYC) was the first step, and now more and more Central Banks require Money Transfer agents, Exchange Houses and Forex companies to report the transactions on-line and in real-time.

EnflexisPRA for Western Union WUPOS/RSW

In response to these AML requirements Western Union has launched its next generation portal application called Western Union Point of Sale, or WUPOS. WUPOS comes with a Remote Services for WUPOS, or RSW, interfacing component to enable its agents to acquire the transaction data in real-time, immediately on posting.

Acquiring and processing the transaction data from WUPOS/RSW requires what Western Union terms a “Partner Remote Application”, or PRA. EnflexisPRA for WUPOS/RSW is an out-of-the-box ready to deploy product that acquires all the data, presently available as well as planned to be available, from WUPOS/PSW.

EnflexisPRA goes a step ahead and derives required data from the WUPOS/RSW data where the required mandatory data is not part of the transaction reported by WUPOS/RSW. The first implementation of EnflexisPRA at Gulf Exchange Co.(شركة الخليج للصرافة), Doha, Qatar is already ensuring compliance with Qatar Central Bank AML regulations for Western Union transactions.

Online Remittance Portal Interfaces

Enflexis has developed interfaces to many Online Remittance Portals and more are being added. All the interfaces are integrated into a single product that is managed from a single console. Our flexible architecture allows us to extend the application to other portals within the same console. We work closely with the IT departments of Online Money Transfer Operators to bring you out-of-the-box interfaces to meet you data integration needs. For example Prabhu Money, Sewa Remit, PrithiviExpress and City Express, to name a few. To find out more about the interfaces for Asian as well as African Money Transafer Operator (MTO) Portals, please contact us.

In other words, wherever you are in the world, whichever country, if you need the transaction data for your internal processing or for real-time AML reporting to your Central Bank, Enflexis has a solution to consider because it is:

  • Compliant with Qatar Cental Bank AML requirements, possibly the most elaborate anywhere
  • Tested and proven. No need to invest time and resources all over again.
  • Pre-requisities for deployment are minimal; no licenses to be bought and no heavy duty hardware or network required.
  • Supports TransactionOperator as well as UserCredentials modes of WUPOS/RSW
  • Integration with LPAD and SSO supported in UserCredentials mode of WUPOS/RSW
  • Out-of-the-box with features that go beyond what WUPOS/RSW provides
  • Cost effective, you save time and money
  • Scalable, from a few WUPOS terminals to hundreds
  • Flexible configuration to suit your network, LAN, MAN, WAN and Internet
  • Wide choice of databases. EnflexisPRA can write to any JDBC compliant database
  • Ready for planned extensions of WUPOS, today
  • Supports SSL/TLS digital certificates, CA signed as well as self-signed.
  • Multi-platform. Runs on all popular operating systems, and their combinations.