Oracle Application Express (Oracle APEX), formerly called HTML DB, is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool from Oracle Corporation to develop database centric web applications. Oracle Application Express (Oracle APEX), formerly called HTML DB, is a fully supported “no-cost” option of the Oracle Database. Oracle Application Express is certified against all editions of the Oracle Database and above, including Oracle Database 10g Express Edition (Oracle XE). To learn more about Oracle Application Express click here

At Enflexis we have developed deep expertise in Oracle APEX. Starting from version 2.x we have upgraded our skills continuously right up to the latest release, viz. 4.0.2.

Development Services

We undertake full life cycle development projects on Oracle APEX. We have evolved our development process to leverage the RAD features of Oracle APEX to deliver applications that meet customer expectations and allow customers to participate in the development process. From intranet applications to internet applications, we have expertise in delivering data-driven e-commerce, portals and virtually every type of application on Oracle APEX.

For customers desirous of hosting their applications on the Internet, we provide excellent cost effective hosting services as well. From Oracle XE based applications to Oracle 11g Enterprise Edition , nothing is too big or too small. We also provide installation and implementation services for our applications as well as Oracle APEX and APEX Listener on all the popular J2EE Containers like Glassfish, OC4J and Weblogic, to name a few.

What differentiates us is our ability to extend Oracle APEX and build specialized components and plug-ins to address requirements that cannot be met by Oracle APEX out-of=the-box. Whether it is the need for Custom Multi-Row Update (MRU) , Custom Lost Update Detection, Customizing Themes, achieving difficult layouts or extreme AJAX, we stand up to any challenge.

Upgrades and Re-engineering Services

Upgrades and re-engineering from versions 2.x to 3.x, 3.0.x to 3.2.x and 3.x to 4.x, at Enflexis we have done it all. While Oracle APEX provides a smooth upgrade path for all releases, rarely is an upgrade done without re-engineering to leverage the new features and functionality. And it is in re-engineering that Enflexis differentiates itself.

Be it implementing stricter security, the new tree control, enhancing the charts, replacing javacripts with Dynamic Actions or replacing custom javascripts with JQuery scripts, now an integral part of Oracle APEX, we have done it all.

Installation and Implementation Services

To round off our Oracle APEX centric services we offer Oracle APEX, APEXListener and J2EE Container installation and implementation services. We also provide Oracle HTTP Server (OHS & MOD_PLSQL) to ApexListener migration services.